Hands Across the Oceans

One simple photo – now confirmed as our ancestral home – has created an over-whelming connection, between our Ards Beg, Donegal cousins & ourselves in Australia.

All thanks to Facebook shares & family members messaging each other. (I’m so grateful)

This photo & post on the FB page at ‘Our Coyle Clan of Rozelle’ has achieved nearly 7,000 views & made so many wonderful connections. Sláinte!

From we Coyles, here in Australia… ( jumping for joy! )

To our cousins in Ireland – Greetings –

Ní fhaca mé le fada thú ! (If that is correct?)

See you all in September…

Warmest regards from Jock & our/your other family – Down Under.


4 thoughts on “Hands Across the Oceans

  1. Stephen Coyle says:

    Bon voyage Jock Thanks for sending the images of the home land. Have a guiness for me

  2. Dolly Rodriguez says:

    You have a great blog. I too have Coyle ancestors from Donegal, possibly from the Ardsbeg area also. Mine went to the US around 1850. Have any of your Coyles done an autosomal DNA test?
    Dolly in the USA

    • jockok says:

      Hi Dolly – Thanks for the message & contact. I will find a good place to record the Gedmatch ID for my sister & daughter. I have yet to test directly.
      One of this blogs friends suggested this as a way of connecting some, or all, of our Coyles, Currans, Conaghans, Duggans, McFaddens, Ferrys, McPhees and the many other.

    • jockok says:

      Hi again Dolly… it’s not a great start but i just reactivated the “Ballyness Bay and Beyond” blog to take Gedmatch connections in the comments. I’ll try and send you the link directly….


      I hope that works…

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