Sons of the Fathers…

Recently found at the Archives was a piece of paper with 5 names listed…


This dusty piece was was my GreatGrandfather’s will. It was written & witnessed in 1910, on year before my GGF passed away. It noted the property owned & the last wishes of my original Irish immigrant ancestor.

What I particularly love is the presence of the names contained on the document. I know that my GreatGreatGrandfather was Hugh Coyle of Ards Beg, Donegal. His son, Denis Coyle had been convinced to travel to Sydney, Australia by his brother-in-law, Hugh Conaghan. Hugh’s father lived in nearby Meenlaragh & went by the name of Denis Conaghan (or Cunnaghan, in the census records).

When Denis Coyle journeyed to Australia in company of his sister, Norah, and her infant son. That son’s name was Denis Conaghan, so named after his grandfather. When Denis Coyle was graced with his own son (after marriage in Rozelle in 1886) he named his son Hugh Coyle after his own father.

The Irish naming tradition was strong with this mob. The tradition also continued…

So, Denis Conaghan (believed to be the son of ‘Old’ Hudy Conaghan) fathered Hugh Conagahan, who fathered (Monsignor) Denis Conaghan.

Hugh Coyle, of Ards Beg, fathered Denis Coyle who fathered Hugh Anthony Coyle, in Rozelle, Australia – who was also Grandfather to another Hugh (Tony) Coyle & so it goes….

And so on the signing of my GGFather’s will – his mark is witnessed by his best friend, sponsor to Australia & brother-in-law, Hugh Conaghan. It was written, mostly in the hand of his own son, Hugh Coyle & also witnessed by Denis Conaghan.

Fathers & Sons. Sons & Fathers. (Sorry for the obvious omission, ladies)

Now if we can just find out who James Duggan is?



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