8) John Francis Coyle – A Father’s Plea – circa 1955

Pictured in 1946’ish – Mary, John Francis, Alma Olive, Denis & John Coyle.

“Within me of late there is something that I hate,

I just feel like hoisting myself out the gate.

My folks in the home are well-meaning and kind,

To their good deeds and words I’ve almost been blind.

But they don’t understand my condition today

My health has gone haywire, my nerves are astray.

I strive to be calm, then a poor tortured brain

Works me up to a point that could drive me insane.

But in the near furture, please God I’ll be found

Bringing Peace, Love, Contentment to those all around.

Now the Master has told us we need not despair

If we place all our troubles in His tender care:

So we’ll start once again up the pathway of life

I’ll strive to please all, especially my Wife

It’s to her, be it said, I am deeply devoted

This truth, must be stated & carefully noted

To my good Sons and Daughter I most humbly plead

(For I’ll not desert you in your hour of need;)

So be patient, dear children & bear with me longer

We’ll emerge from our trials with a love even stronger: –

So right from my heart I’ll say this prayer for those I really love,

Please God when our earthly lives are o’er,

let us meet in heaven above.”


John Francis Coyle – 1955 (aged 60)

PS  …. Pa Coyle also referred to himself as the “Looney Lieutenant”,  “The Cranky Cuss”, “Hopalong” and “Old Twistie” (Coil/Coyle, you know!).


6 thoughts on “8) John Francis Coyle – A Father’s Plea – circa 1955

  1. andrew heckenberg says:

    may u rest in peace,we who owe u so much,a man among men.amen

  2. Colin Wood says:

    Photo of Officers & NCO’s of 12th Machine Gun Company, Meteron, France,1918, shows my Father Frederick. F.WOOD next to J.F.Coyle
    (6th from left back row).
    Would appreciate contact with any relatives.

    • jockok says:

      Hi Colin, please send an email address or other contact details. I have an even better photo (from France – privately sourced) of the 12th MG Company to share wiyh you

    • jockok says:

      I am the grandson of JF Coyle and would love to hear from you, about your father. Please contact here thru messages.

  3. Colin Wood says:

    Hi jockok, I live in Torquay, Victoria, Australia, email , chwood2@bigpond.com……My fathers full name was Frederick Featherstone Wood – No 2812. He father was awarded the “Military Medal” for action at Pozieres between 5th & 15th August 1916. I believe the award was made “in the field” but have no other information as to where or who presented it. He saw action at most of the major conflicts by Australian troops in WWI – Gallipoli, Suez – Pozieres, Mouquet Farm, The Windmill, Fler-Courcelette, Bullecourt, Hamel, Amiens in France – Armentieres, Messines, Polygon Wood, Broodseinde in Belgium. Returned to Australia June 1919, discharged 15th August 1919. Died 1965 aged 75.
    I have just completed the mounting of a replica of his “Military Medal” (my brother has the original) in the manner as I remember it as a child – mounted on a red felt background with the medal on the left, citation in the centre and his photo on the right in a sturdy frame. It now has pride of place in our hallway.
    Please keep in contact

    • jockok says:

      Hi Again, Colin – it is very welcome that you have made contact…
      I have sent a message to your email & the photo I mentioned.
      I would hope by this same means that other descendants of those who served in the same companies would also make contact ; the AIF 12th Machine Gun Company, the 13th Battalion AIF & the 45th Battalion AIF .
      There is also the growing resource connecting families through Discoveringanzacs.naa.gov.au for further info & shared photos & stories.
      I’ll be sure and send you what I have…
      Jock OK

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