Happy St Patricks Day – A Tribute to Our Women of Ireland

bridget CurranBridget Curran

The strength and resilience of Irish Women is a proven fact. The Coyle families and the Nichols, Williams, Holdens, O’Keeffes, Kellys, Conaghan & Currans are testament to their fortitude and commitment.

Quote: “Irish female immigrants to Australia seem to have been mistresses of their own destiny”

So many of our parent women travelled to Australia alone. The Kelly sisters forged their own families, much like the Clyne sisters (mothers to the very large Holden & Williams & Nichols clans). Our direct forebear Bridget Curran followed her sister Mary Curran (Doohan) to Australia, with her sister Hannah arriving a few years later.

Quote: ” Whatever qualms protective parents of ‘patriarchs’ might have felt about abandoning young women to the risks of lonliness, exploitation and seduction, or allowing them the opportunity for independent choice in an alien society, these now seemed trivial by comparison with the risk of death or unemployment at home.

Teresa Teresa Coyle                                                                                           Rose Conaghan  rose conaghan

So, while we here in Australia continue to celebrate the doggedness, courage and (drinking) prowess of the Irish male – let us never forget the re-making of Ireland, and the undeniable bedrock of the family tradition built by Our Irish Women in Australia. May they forever rule the household….

….or forge the path of their own making; toward their own magnificent destinies.

Jocks baby shot.2


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